How Much is Nature Worth?

Falls #3. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, 2012
Falls #3. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, 2012

Let us suppose you want to build the waterfall pictured above in your backyard. It measures about 20-30 feet wide and maybe 10-12 feet high. Any idea how much it would cost you for the landscaping prep, the boulders, the waterproof lining, the pumps and piping, the labor, and then the overall mainentance? I would guess maybe something in the $15,000 to $20,000 range initially with a few hundred dollars of annual expenses…then maybe a major rebuild or repair after ten years or so. When I was landscaping our big, wonderful garden at our Texas home, I couldn’t believe how much they charged just for one simple boulder let alone a waterfall like his one! Click here for the rest o’ the story!

How to Break the “13 Rules” of Photography

Abandoned Stove. Cisco, Utah, 2013
Abandoned Stove. Cisco, Utah, 2013

A few days ago, in this blog entry, I posted a lucky list of 13 “Rules of Photography” that we all probably learned at one time or another. I also stressed that these were not rules, but guidelines.  In fact, I implied that breaking these so-called rules might be a way to go if you wanted to create unusual and eye-catching images. In that blog post, though, I never explained how or why you might break them.

Well, here are some ideas for you… Click here to find out how to break the rules!

Earth Day 2013

Salute to Mother Earth. Canyonlands, Utah, 2013
Salute to Mother Earth. Canyonlands, Utah, 2013

So what am I personally doing about moving toward a more sustainable life on this Earth? (We all need to pitch in and do a little, you know!)

Well, aside from the standard recyling, combining automobile trips, and using the bicycle in good weather, we have as our objective a move this summer to a small apartment within walking distance of most of the services we regularly need–grocery store, bank, pharmacy, etc. We will also eventually get rid of one of our two cars and the one remaining vehicle, if all goes as planned, will be a fuel-efficient hybrid.

These lifestyle changes ought to have a huge impact on our personal family carbon footprint (cut it in half by Earth Day 2014, is the idea) as well as have the imminently practical effect of reducing the amount of money that flows out of our bank account.

Will our contribution make a difference in the rate of consumption of resources and in the overall global warming equation? Not much. But imagine if we all did something similar! Then there would certainly be a tremendous impact..and we have to start somewhere, right?

A Lucky List of 13 “Rules” of Photography

Dracula's Apartment at Mid-Day. Denver, Colorado, 2013
Dracula’s Apartment at Mid-Day. Denver, Colorado, 2013

These “Rules” may already be quite familiar to you…surely you have read them somewhere or someone knowledgeable has pointed them out–maybe even as part of a critique of your work! Click here to read examples of these so-called Rules.

Photographer Spotlight: John Fielder

Art District Santa Fe. Denver, Colorado, 2013
Art District Santa Fe. Denver, Colorado, 2013

If you have browsed any park visitor center shop or museum store in Colorado you have likely seen his photographic prints and his books. He has been active as a photographer in Colorado for over 40 years and if any landscape photographer could be called “Mr. Colorado” it would likely be John Fielder. To see what he does, you’ll need to spend some time perusing his website here or, better yet, stop by his gallery in the Sante Fe Avenue Art District of south Denver on a “First Friday” of the month and check out his big, gorgeous prints (and those of his associate photogs as well!).

We were very fortunate to have had him as a guest presenter last week at the Colorado Nature Camera Club (CNCC) and it was most interesting and enlightening. Click here for more about John’s visit.

A Short Story About Gun Control (Satire Warning)

Second Amendment Stove-Reprise, Cisco, Utah, 2013
Second Amendment Stove-Reprise, Cisco, Utah, 2013


The Only Thing That Can Stop a Bad Guy With a Gun…

                                                            …is a Good Guy With a Gun

On the first day, they attacked the airports. So we put people with guns at the airports and we armed the pilots.

On the second day, they attacked the schools. So we put people with guns at the schools and we armed the teachers.

On the third day, they attacked the shopping malls. So we put people with guns at the malls and we armed the shopkeepers.

On the fourth day, they attacked the hospitals. So we put people with guns at the hospitals and we armed the doctors and nurses.

On the fifth day, they attacked the day care centers. So we put people with guns at the day care centers and we armed the day care center employees.

On the sixth day, they attacked random crowds of people in random places. So we put people with guns on every corner and we made everyone carry a gun wherever they went.

On the seventh day we all rested and we saw that it was good. Everyone, everywhere was armed. We were finally safe.

A post script based on most recent news: And the best part was that no one needed a stupid, ineffective, time-consuming, resource-draining, 2nd Amendment-violating background check!

The Possessive and Abstract Expressionism

Outside the Frame. Denver, Colorado, 2013
Outside the Frame. Denver, Colorado, 2013

Nor is it tolerable to be stopped by a mere apostrophe to form the correct possessive form of the noun.

Clyfford Still (1904-1980) – Painter and leader of the Abstract Expressionist movement. Jackson Pollock is perhaps the more well-known name from this movement in which painting looked, to some critics anyway, like a chaotic, sloppy mess thrown haphazardly onto a large canvas.

What would be the photographic equivalent of abstract expressionism?