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The Balanced Box, Barcelona, 2018
The Balanced Box, Barcelona, 2018


Lots of touristic passersby photograph this particular wall (above, and behind the box) with its 19 different, apparently random, objects glued thereon. If you pay attention, you’ll find the unusual urban art “exhibit” near the beach in the colorful Barceloneta section of Barcelona. 

But…who thought it was a good idea to leave the giant cardboard container up there? What arrived in the box? What might still be in the box?


Brief backstory…

The wall behind the box was a 2011 project involving a large number of kids from some 26 schools in the area. The idea was to decorate what was up until then a monsterous eyesore of concrete. The 19 objects they came up with, built, then pasted there are all related to the story, “El principio de la sabiduria” by Pere Calders–which, interestingly, begins with the finding of a human hand (the left one, to be morbidly precise) by a rich man’s gardener. Having read the story,

I would assume the objects, then, are items that the school kids imagined might have been lost–and then found–in the rich man’s garden, much like the hand was. (You have to read it to get it.)

Yep. Kids mixing it up with art, literature, and culture in general…it is definitely a consistent trend here in Barcelona, the city of 100+ museums.

(At the link in the first sentence of this post you can see the wall in its entirety. And go HERE if you want to read Pere Calders’s story itself–it is quite short but it is in Spanish)

Barcelona Year End Odds And Ends

As a reminder, the end of Pope Greg the 13th’s calendar year is certainly a great time to back up all of your digital images onto at least one or–even better–two or three separate portable hard drives. That is, if you don’t do it even MORE regularly, which you definitely should! Keep one of the drives off-premises, say, at your Mom’s house just in case some disaster befalls your personal abode (theft, flood, earthquake, fire, computer virus, large Labrador run amok, whatever).

Even 5TB portable hard drives are relatively cheap these days, so lack of memory is not a good excuse. To wit: I just saw on Amazon a 5TB Seagate portable external drive with USB 3.0 for $129.00. That is inexpensive insurance for those thousands of pictures you have of that new grandson or granddaughter of yours.

So, yes, I’m currently in that very process of endo-year backing up (my images, not my physical direction of movement). I do this every few months but I know of some who do it weekly.

Whatever flips your shutter.

Also as part of this end o’ the year transition, I cleaned out some images from my iPhone and Sony RX100 point-and-shoot miscellaneous files–previously unposted photographs I made whilst going to and fro on errands or just strolling about town (Barcelona). These are things that simply caught my eye but don’t really fall into any kind of a “project” category, so I haven’t worked them up in post for anything other than web viewing.

A few samples…

A little “film noir” effect here. Perhaps the beginning of a Barcelona series using this type of interpretation (post-processing) of local scenes:

The Saint, Barcelona, 2018
The Saint, NBA Café, Barcelona, 2018


This was part of an advert on the side of a bus stop…don’t some of those lines look like they actually bend in places?

Optical Contusion, Barcelona, 2017
Optical Contusion, Barcelona, 2017


The little sticker on the wall (hard to see in web view) says “Fools”, thus the title. A comment on the state of western civilization and its over-reliance on technology and business at the expense of philosophy and general wisdom???

Tower of Fools, Barcelona, 2018


Down by Barcelona’s port, that’s Chris Columbus pointing off toward the sands of Algeria for some reason. In contrast, we have three contrails, possibly from New World-bound Airbus jets, dissipating in the sky. Maybe four to six weeks back in Chris’s time; six to eight hours for the crossing today. These days, Columbus’s stock is falling rapidly in many places around the world based on the consequences of his voyages as well as his personal (and his crew’s) actions:

Colom i Nuvols, Barcelona, 2018
Colom i Nuvols, Barcelona, 2018


The composition and treatment I gave this one takes me back to about 1936 for some reason:

A Seagull in Passing, Barcelona, 2018
A Seagull in Passing, Barcelona, 2018


One of the illuminated fountains at Plaça Catalunya. Back in the day (1980s), my wife worked her radio program, “La Noia de la Nit”, from that top floor on the right where the lights are still on. I was playing with ghosts and camera motion in this one:

Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona, 2018
Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona, 2018