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Feb 2013 CNCC Meeting: Lessons Learned (Dan Ballard)

Second Amendment Stove, Cisco, Utah, 2013
Second Amendment Stove, Cisco, Utah, 2013

The pro travel and landscape photographer Dan Ballard was our guest presenter at the Colorado Nature Club Camera Club (CNCC) last night and it was a super learning experience. With his presentation, “Unlocking Your Photographic Potential”, Dan did his best to wipe away that persistent and depressing idea that you need to be genetically gifted to be a great photographer.

The key? It’s NOT the genes, says Dan, it’s more often this formula that makes the successful photographer:

LOTS of practice + EXCELLENT instructor(s) + Goals + Time = Great  Images and Great Photographer

(I suppose I might presume to sprinkle in a bit of my own theory here…that is, with a little talent, your learning curve might possibly be somewhat steeper and shorter, but the basic formula Dan spelled out is still the same for all of us.)

Here, then, are Dan Ballard’s Five Key Points, as outlined in his talk last night–things we should all be working on as we perform the “practice” part of his formula: Click here to read more.

Feb 2013 Flatirons Club: Lessons Learned (Karen Divine)

The Orange Bicycle. Boulder, Colorado, 2013
The Orange Bicycle. Boulder, Colorado, 2013

Last night’s program at the Flatirons Photography Club was simply “Divine”–Karen Divine, as a matter of fact!

Karen is an exceptionally talented, award-winning photographer whose camera bag is pretty slimmed down…to just the iPhone, and a few choice apps.

I know this is an increasingly popular genre for a large number of today’s young photographers and artists, but her work really stands out. (I have her on my short list of artists from whom I want to buy a piece.) Visit her website HERE and take a look at her galleries to see what she does with multiple layers, pieces of collected images, and her wonderfully creative instincts. You’ll find some unusual, and very personal, photographic collages there.

Here are some key ideas I came away with from her talk: Click here to read my summary.

An Alternative (and cheap!) Introduction to Photography Education Plan

Frost, Redgarden Wall. Eldorado Springs Canyon, Colorado, 2013
Frost, Redgarden Wall. Eldorado Springs Canyon, Colorado, 2013

Don’t have the time, money, talent, or connections to get into Yale University’s photography degree program? Can’t afford to pay the $1400 for four days with Joe McNally in New York? Don’t have the 40 grand socked away to pay for an upper deck balcony suite on the National Geographic Explorer as it sails to the Falklands (Malvinas), South Georgia, and Antarctica for some southern hemisphere photo ops?Well, don’t dispair, there are much cheaper alternatives to help you improve your photography!

Here are five: Click here to read on.