Old v. New in Cozumel Harbor

Old and New. Cozumel, Mexico, 2017
Old and New. Cozumel, Mexico, 2017


I thought this image told a nice story of the old versus the new, in this case on the high seas.

The Norwegian Jade is the big cruise ship, one of several similar vessels operated by the Norwegian Cruise Line. Indeed, you can see one of the Jade’s twin vessels, the Norwegian Dawn (if I read the cruise schedules right) directly behind.

The three-masted ship is the Alexander von Humboldt II, launched in 2011 and operated by Deutsche Stiftung Sail Training out of Bremerhaven, Germany. If you want to learn something of the old ways aboard a sailing ship (“Aargh, matey! Hoist that scurvy dog from the yardarm!”), you can take one of their awesome courses.

Some interesting comparisons…

First, Norwegian Jade:

–93,558 tons

–Crew of 1,037; Guest capacity of 2,402

–965 feet long with a beam of 125 feet

–Built in 2006, refurbished in 2017

Now, the Alexander von Humboldt II:

–992 tons; 24 sails

–Crew of 79 (includes trainees)

–213 feet long with a beam of 33 feet

–Launched in 2011 to replace the original 396-ton Alexander von Humboldt (1906 launch)

An aside…When considering which type of ship might be what you’d like to board, it might be worth considering the amount of waste that is generated by each and what might simply be dumped into the sea. Lots to check out on Google on this topic. Different cruise lines and ships rate quite differently…the dumping rules are different depending on location and type of waste…and so on.

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