The Foixarda Climbing Tunnel, Barcelona

Is this perhaps a new project that is bubbling up from my amygdala? 

Documenting what goes on at this urban, open-air, climbing site could be interesting…it has sort of a grunge-zoo, hippie subculture atmosphere at times.

There are so many excellent climbing photographers who work in the traditional glossy-color-for-the-slick-magazines way (Jimmy Chin, anyone?) that I would most certainly need to focus on how I uniquely see things.

Maybe something like this:

Toward the Light, Foixarda, Barcelona, 2017
Toward the Light, Foixarda, Barcelona, 2017

Third Flatiron Portrait

Onward and Upward. Gary, on the Third Flatiron, Boulder, Colorado, 2015
Onward and Upward. Third Flatiron, Boulder, Colorado, 2015


A portrait of Gary, on the Third Flatiron, indicating the direction of the next pitch (or the threatening rain clouds???). Expect a few more rock climbing photographs scattered through this blog as time goes on.


I’m “back in the saddle again” after a 30-year hiatus and feeling like a kid with new shoes on a playground with a spiral slide and a rocket ship monkey bar set. That is, I am back to enjoying steep rock, the [sometimes] graceful movement from hold to to hold to stance, the satisfaction of setting up a quick and secure belay anchor, the grand vistas far below, the ravens, hawks and eagles, as they swoop and circle…and I’ll usually carry a camera with me on these climbs.

Back on the rock again, whoopee!