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Isabella's Nap. Hudson, Florida, 2017
Isabella’s Nap. Hudson, Florida, 2017


I recently spent a few days in Florida and had a nice visit with my nephew, his wife, and their one-year-old baby, Isabella (above).

Here are some of my work with their hands…

(My only tools were a hand-held pocket camera, the Sony RX100iv, a black T-shirt, and natural light. Post-processing was through Photoshop and the Silver Efex Pro plugin.)


Heather and Joshua. Hudson, Florida, 2017
Heather and Joshua. Hudson, Florida, 2017


Joshua's Medals. Hudson, Florida, 2017
Joshua’s Medals. Hudson, Florida, 2017


Isabella and Joshua. Hudson, Florida, 2017
Isabella and Joshua. Hudson, Florida, 2017

Another one for “Hands”

Maria's Hands #1. February, 2014
Maria’s Hands #1. February, 2014

The hands: My wife, María Rosa Fusté.

The photo: A very youthful Maria with her father, Ramon, just before he passed away very suddenly at the relatively young age of 55. The drawing on the wall is of Anna, Ramon’s other daughter and Maria’s sister

The object: Ramon’s pipe…perhaps a requisite piece of the apparel as a professor of distinction at the University of Barcelona.

New Project: Hands

My Hands #3. February, 2014
My Hands #3. February, 2014

Looks like I’m off and running with a project. This one definitely taps into a deeper emotional well than I knew existed. Details to come as it progresses. Estimated completion date: July 1, 2014 (but I’ll surely keep adding to it forever).The image: My hands, and a photo of me when I was maybe four years old…circa 1962.